Fushimi Inari Shrine

Uncover Japan

Japan is captivating; an explosion of pink cherry blossom, high tech cities, incredible food, beautiful geisha, the list goes on.  Japan has a truly unique culture.

Once the world of international travel opens up again, there is a chance to experience Japan at its very best. As the host city for the postponed Summer Olympic Games this year, Japan is a much sought after destination.

Japan has four distinct seasons making ideal to visit all year round.  The weather ranges throughout the year across the 3,000km of archipelago which stretches from the tropical south to the chilly north.

From March to May, the spring brings the famous cherry blossom (sukura).  Each year, locals and international travellers are enthused by this sea of beautiful pink flowers.

Japanese sakura

From June to August, the summer is the season for festivals and fireworks. The climate is humid so it’s a great time to head to the mountains to find cooler temperatures.  For avid hikers, 1st July to 31st August is the only time permitted to climb Mount Fiji so well worth planning your trip around this time if so.

Japan offers a wealth of experiences. We work closely with expert partners, Wendy Wu Tours, to ensure you get the absolute best out of your trip whether you choose to join a group tour or prefer to embark on your individual tailormade itinerary.

Here we have highlighted a couple of itineraries that enable any traveller to experience this fascinating country in all its glory.

Japan Uncovered

If you are looking for an all in one trip to discover Japan’s classic sights and key cultural activities, this 17 day tour is for you.

Japan uncovered
Japan uncovered
  • Start in Japan’s vibrant city of Osaka.
  • Enjoy a morning in Nara (Japan’s first capital). Admire the traditional Isui-en Garden and the resident Sika deer.
  • Head to Hiroshima stopping at the 17th century Himeji Castle on the way.
  • Tale a ferry to the Itsukushima Shrine then head to Kyoto on the famous bullet train.
  • Kyoto has a lot to offer. Visit the Golden Pavilion and the Fushimi Inari Shrine to take part in a traditional tea ceremony.
  • Learn the art of washi paper making in Goyayama.
  • Explore the 300 year old Hassho style Wada House in Shirakawago
  • Discover some of Japan’s handicrafts in the old streets of Takayama.
  • Trek into the Japanese Alps in search of snow monkeys before heading to the Fuji Five Lakes for incredible views of Mount Fuji.
  • End your tour in the high tech metropolis of Tokyo

Jewels of Japan

For those that have a limited amount of time and just want to see the main highlights of Japan, this is perfect. This 11 day our takes travellers to some of the must-see sights of the country and offers some unmissable experiences.

Jewels of Japan
Jewels of Japan
  • Explore the stimulating, high tech city of Tokyo and visit the Sensoji Temple, the Hamarikyu Garden and the famous Shibuya Crossing.
  • Travel to the scenic Fuji Five Lakes in the foothills of majestic Mount Fuji.
  • Take the bullet train to Kyoto and learn to make traditional Japanese soba noodles for lunch.
  • See the Fushimi Inari Shrine, learn the art of origami and take part in a traditional tea ceremony.
  • Taste Hiroshima’s classic okonomiyaki dish and visit the Peace Memorial Park.
  • Explore the serene sights of Miyajima and see the famous torii gates.
  • Visit Himeji’s castle.
  • Depart from Osaka.

Of course, you may be looking for your own tailormade, individual journey.  Whatever you are looking to get out of your trip we, with our friends at Wendy Wu Tours, can curate the perfect trip for you.  Get in touch with us here.