Jemaa al Fna Morocco

Morocco – a destination of diversity

Few destinations offer the heady exoticism of Morocco. With an abundance of sights, culture, cuisine and coastlines, Morocco oozes a diverse range of activities that will rejuvenate, excite and impress from the moment you land.  So, whether you want to soak up the sun and relax, get to know its culture and history, take part in sports or explore its bustling cities, we’ve highlighted the top things to do when holidaying in Morocco.

Bustling markets, colourful cultures and a mouth-watering cuisine

If Morocco is already on your holiday list, you will probably have been dreaming of the sights, smells and unique atmosphere the markets and souks offer. We think the markets are the perfect place to explore to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture but which ones should you visit? There is a lot of choice so we have listed a couple of our favourites.

Marrakech is a destination steeped in culture and history and most travellers will stay in or pass through Marrakech during their time in Morocco.  Marrakech is a destination that at first, might feel a tad overwhelming; the city is full of stalls and teeming with people going around their daily lives.  Incredible sights, smells and sounds will transport you to another world.  Marrakech has many different souks so you will find everything you are looking for and probably more.  If you are a first timer to the city and to the souks, we recommend strolling around and simply taking it all in.

If trying local cuisine is more up your street, then head to the Jemaa el-Fna at dusk. Here you will find a street food market selling just about all the traditional Moroccan dishes you can think of including its famous tagine, and perhaps not-so-famous snail soup. The tables are all communal, so pull up a pew and enjoy the atmosphere with those around you. Once you have eaten, stick around for another highlight – the storytellers. Storytelling is a traditional Moroccan practice that fuses comedy, topical subjects and music into long tales – a form of entertainment unique to Morocco and well worth seeing and listening to.

A huge stretch of coastline

Many think of bustling souks and markets brimming with culture when Morocco comes to mind.  This is a typical aspect of Moroccan culture however however look a bit further and you’ll find no less than 1,200 miles of beautiful coastline and a whole host of beach resorts to enjoy some down-time all year round.

Laid-back Essaouira is a Greenstar favourite. The town’s relaxed, hippy and low key vibe stands Essaouria apart from rivalling resorts plus its coastal wind has helped it retain its traditional culture and character.  If you’re looking for an authentic beach getaway, away from the typical sunseeker, look no further. As well as its gorgeous stretch of beach, visitors here can’t miss the atmospheric port, spice scented lanes, art galleries and boutiques. Sports-lovers flock here too during the summer and autumn months for a spot of windsurfing which is excellent.  It’s not called the Windy City of Africa for nothing!

For those in search of somewhere a little livelier, Agadir is a popular beach resort.  Agadir’s six mile stretch of beach is backed by a huge selection of hotels ranging from budget hostels to high end luxury resorts. No matter where you decide to stay, you will enjoy the beach view.  Along the buzzing promenade you’ll also find souvenir stalls, street performers and will be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and bars where you can watch the spectacular sunset.

Casablanca is another beach hotspot for those seeking a fun-filled getaway or if you are on the hunt for a family-friendly break, we recommend Tamuda Bay on the less-explored eastern coast. With its own waterpark, family friendly beaches and water sports there’s plenty here to keep all ages happy throughout the day and night.

National parks, sand dunes and mountains

The diverse landscape of Morocco is evident in the country’s 11 national parks as well as the Saharan Desert and mountain ranges.

We recommend a trip to Tazzeka National Park not far from Fez, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. A complete contrast from the bustling cities and beach resorts, the park offers open valleys, walking trails, wildflowers and dense oak forests to explore, as well as deep canyons, hidden cave systems and gushing waterfalls. It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers who will also enjoy the abundance of rare birds and brightly coloured frogs and lizards. It is also a photographer’s paradise.

Then there’s the Sahara Desert. Spread out over nine million square kilometres across north Africa, the Sahara is the largest sand desert in the world and we think a visit to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a trip here. The sand dunes are spectacular at any time of day, but particularly impressive during sunrise or sunset as the sands change colour with the reflections. For a real desert experience, opt for a desert camp overnight stay giving you the chance to appreciate everything it has to offer.  Enjoy camel rides and meeting the locals who will happily recount a traditional tale or two. Overnight stays range from luxurious camps to a more basic accommodation with various pick up points available.

Want to know more?

From bustling markets and beautiful beaches, to scenic landscapes and a unique culture, Morocco is a diverse destination that offers just about everything. Whether you wish to explore the country piece by piece or fancy heading on a comprehensive tour and see it all, it’s all possible.  Get in touch and we will help you plan your trip.