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How can we travel sustainably?

Sustainable travel is all about valuing our environment and looking after our precious natural resources.  It means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments and it is something about which as a professional travel company, we are acutely aware.  We promote travel rather than tourism.

We are not just aware of sustainable travel, we are conscious of the contribution we can all make towards protecting our environment whilst exploring the world.  As a business we are striving ahead with reducing the amount of paper we use, including the number of brochures we have in the office.  We can easily email a copy of a brochure page instead of handing out an entire brochure.  We are also committed to recycling as much as possible and are conscious of the companies and resorts we work with and their commitment to more sustainable travel.

We work with a carefully selected portfolio of travel companies that we match to our clients by what they offer, their expertise and their ethos. Here are three travel companies with whom we work and who are getting it right when it comes to sustainable travel.

Greenstar travel companies with an eye on sustainability


The Experience Travel Group

The Experience Travel Group (ETG) holds sustainability at the heart of everything they do, the three pillars of which they mention as environment, society and economy.

ETG are committed to pursuing several initiatives one of which is the ‘One bottle at a time’ initiative. All clients are offered an aluminium bottle on arrival at their destination and all transfer vehicles are fitted with sustainable drinking water refill stations.  This small step alone could result in a potential saving of 90,000 plastic single use water bottles in one year.


In order for sustainable travel to succeed, it is important that travellers engage with local experiences and the authenticity of the destination.  Richer experiences are enjoyed as a result, traditional crafts are preserved and of course communities gain from the investment.

With this in mind, Kirker has committed to helping visitors engage with authentic local experiences, promoting local businesses such as bars, restaurants and shops and suggesting walking tours with local experts.  The company has also pledged to raise for local charities such as the Venice in Peril fund to help preserve cultural and social heritage.


The country of Greece is the first love of Sunvil having been travelling to and selling the country since 1969.  Waste management in Greece is an ever expanding problem and Sunvil have committed to addressing this.

They have introduced a waste separation and crushing facility at one of Sunvil’s exclusive properties, Kalami Bay on Corfu. Further facilities are due to be introduced as well as educational programmes for those in authority in the destinations Sunvil feature.

Other sustainable travel choices

  • Choose a fuel efficient airline.
  • Is an eco-hotel a suitable option for your stay?
  • Measure your carbon footprint and carbon offset by making a donation.
  • Visit a local charity when in destination and donate if appropriate.
  • Pack sustainably such as rechargeable batteries, avoid wet wipes and take cosmetics in reusable bottles. A language app of guidebook is invaluable too for engaging with the local community.
  • Pack light! Extra weight means extra fuel.
  • Rather than taking a local flight consider travelling by train or boat – this is also a great way to get a real feel for a country.

We are always here to help and look forward to helping you plan your next sustainable journey.  Make an appointment or give us a ring.