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How can we travel sustainably?

Sustainable travel is all about valuing our environment and looking after our precious natural resources.  It means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments and it is something about which as a professional

Constance Moofushi

Karen recommends

Our expertise and first hand knowledge is what we love to share and what attracts clients to trust us with the organisation of their important escapes. Here Karen has picked some of her most recommended hotels for beach lovers, romantics

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Uncover Japan

Japan is captivating; an explosion of pink cherry blossom, high tech cities, incredible food, beautiful geisha, the list goes on.  Japan has a truly unique culture. Once the world of international travel opens up again, there is a chance to

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You can count on us

Any holiday you book this year will probably be the most dreamt about, most looked forward to holiday you have ever booked.  It may be 12 months of planning and dreaming all wrapped up in one or two weeks of